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Travels to North and Central Vietnam – Danang and Hue

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Incredible Bungalow on stilts at Vendana Resort in Hue Vietnam

Incredible Bungalow on stilts at Vendana Resort in Hue Vietnam











We flew from Hanoi to Danang, then traveled overland to the beautiful Vedana Lagoon Resort and Spa near the old capital city of Hue.   My first time staying in an over-water bungalow!    I woke up before dawn to the putt putt putting of the slender, long fishing boats making their way across the lagoon.   Fantastic!

The resort was lovely…Nicely spread out with the options of walking, biking or catching a ride on a golf cart to get about.  It’s about 30 minutes to the historic town of Hue.   Hue is 300 miles south of Hanoi on the banks of the serene Perfume River.   Hue Citadel , a UNESCO World Heritage site, is partially restored to its former splendor.  We had time to see one of the seven or so Imperial tombs of the Nguyen rulers that dot the area surrounding Hue.  The Khai Dinh Mausoleum stands 3 stories high, decorated with statues of scholarly mandarins and impressive mosaics.

Steve had an equally interesting day  as he wanted to see Vietnam War sites, specifically the  Vin Moc underground tunnels built for the North Vietnamese during the war. underground during the Vietnam war.    Located in the Demilitarized Zone, about  60 families  inhabited the tunnels and seventeen  babies were born there.

Back we go to the Danang airport, passing  “China Beach”   made famous as the place for a bit of relaxation and rest for the American GI’s.


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