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Part 1 of On the Road to Vancouver: See the USA in your Chevrolet

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(well…4 Runner doesn’t rhyme with USA)

I looked at our drive across the country, from Atlanta to Vancouver, as an adventure. Fewer people take the time to make that trip, so we almost felt like reverse pioneers(doing something people used to do more of, but don’t do as much anymore). To avoid being overwhelmed and intimidated by the time and distances, we decided to look at the trip as a series of one-day journeys.
Our target for day one was Kansas City.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch, St. Louis Missouri

With trusty 4Runner packed to the ever-loving gills, we pulled out of the driveway before sunrise…excited and full of energy. 13 hours, in Southern and Midwestern heat, can drain your excitement and energy real fast. Tennessee was fine. Kentucky okay. But Illinois was Illi-noying. Missouri was better than we expected. We were charged up to cross the Mississippi river and see the Gateway Arch.

And then, heading West, we drove through pretty, rolling hills. But by the time we got to Kansas City, our eyeballs were melting and we were tired pups. We needed to recharge for Day Two.

Could we regain the momentum?

This is part 1 in a several part guest blogging series by Marc Pickard, husband of Exploration’s owner and advisor Jean Pickard. Marc is an avid traveler, a fly fisherman, and a former reporter for Atlanta’s 11Alive news. He is now happily retired and occasionally using his journalistic skills to contribute to the Explorations blog. He is chronicling a road trip across the US from Atlanta to Vancouver.


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