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Saigon and South Central Vietnam Phan Thiet Beach area

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Saigon and South Central Vietnam     Phan Thiet Beach area


Today was a big travel day.   We left Vedana early in the morning, traveling back to Denang to our flight to Saigon.  We  had a lovely buffet lunch and hotel site inspection  at the Movenpick   It’s a good choice if you want to be close to Danang airport.   We boarded our comfortable bus for a trip we  thought was going to be about 3 hours.    6 hours later we arrived at the Princess d’Annan Resort and Spa.  The first 3 hours getting out of Saigon was stop and go traffic   There is a new highway being built, so soon it will be an easier journey for tourists. Along side Highway 1 on both sides almost the whole trip were family businesses….one after another after another, looking as if they all sell about the same items.    Their business has a small road frontage, their homes are behind or above. Of interest, we saw gasoline being sold in old liquor bottles, and liter soda bottles to be used by the multitudes of motorbikes.


When we arrived at the hotel  it  was dark and sticky hot, so a dip in the  pool just outside our bungalow was really welcome!  As was the bottle of champagne compliments of the hotel.   The following was a much welcome “free day”   so we could enjoy the hotel amenities.

The gardens and landscaping were exceptional, as were the 4 swimming pools.   It’s on a nice stretch of beach with every activity available including fishing with locals, kiteboarding, motorbike rental, sledding down local sand dunes and more.

The spa is beautiful and the treatments superb.  I lost count of the creams and gels she used on my face,   She doted my face with frozen cream then rolled it out with a 3 inch  frozen jade roller to diminish wrinkles.  Marvelous!



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