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I am off to the spiritual land of Kenya! This particular trip is not as much about viewing the Big Five, but more about an incredible journey of cultural assimilation.

A few years ago I was volunteering as a literacy tutor. To my great fortune, I was paired with a young man from Kenya, a Maasai tribesman, who was visiting Atlanta. After he returned to his home country, I had set out for my own safari to Tanzania. As an incredible gesture of friendship, he walked for four days to meet up with my group, enhancing our African journey beyond our wildest imagination.

He has recently been tapped as a junior elder for his village and I have the great privilege of attending his induction ceremony. We have been collaborating to provide education for the young girls in his community and I am establishing a non-profit on his behalf to assist with these endeavors.

In preparations for this life-changing journey, I discovered the non-profit organization of “Pack for a Purpose”- http://www.packforapurpose.org/. This awesome user-friendly site is taking experiential travel to new heights. I am often asked by clients how they can assist local communities during their travels. It is sometimes difficult to discern the needs of others whose lives are so different from our own. Working directly with local-based projects, Pack for a Purpose provides supply lists for needy communities all over the world. You just select the country that you will be visiting, click on the local community closest to your destination, and view the needed items.

Pack for a Purpose

This site will be on my travel checklist from this date forward. I have just zipped the last bag crammed full with deflated soccer balls, solar calculators, flash cards, pens and maps. I am thrilled to make a genuine contribution to the lives of others who will be impacting my life so greatly.


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Trekking the globe has allowed me to build not only extensive personal experience but professional relationships around the world. As a result, I’m able to create an unforgettable life-enriching journey to suit individual needs and tastes. Having led and participated in many adventures around the world, including hiking in Nepal, safari in Tanzania, gorilla viewing in Rwanda, scuba diving in Australia, Bali, Thailand and the Galapagos Islands and wine tasting in Tuscany, I’ve gathered the first-hand expertise needed to craft your next unforgettable adventure. Contact me at kathryn@explorationsltd.com.

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