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Part 2 of On the Road to Vancouver: To South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore

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Traveling any distance in the twenty first century usually means stepping onto a plane and, several hours later, stepping off, in Timbuktu or Kalamazoo. You don’t have to invest a ton of time to get to someplace faraway.

So, when we entered South Dakota on our second day driving out of Atlanta, it seemed impossible. I mean….South Dakota! That’s, like, near the North Pole isn’t it?

And yet here we were.

But after the novelty wore off I’m thinking, all South Dakota is, is flat, dusty nondescript landscape…straight, brown and boring.
Wrong! Green, rolling hills…and antelopes, for goodness sakes! And it comes with a bonus nearly worth the entire drive to see: Mt. Rushmore.

Mt. Rushmore South Dakota

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

This is part 2 in a several part guest blogging series by Marc Pickard, husband of Exploration’s owner and advisor Jean Pickard. Marc is an avid traveler, a fly fisherman, and a former reporter for Atlanta’s 11Alive news. He is now happily retired and occasionally using his journalistic skills to contribute to the Explorations blog. He is chronicling a road trip across the US from Atlanta to Vancouver.


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