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Fly Fishing in Patagonia

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“Why would you fly all the way there, and pay that much money, when there is terrific fly fishing so much closer?”

That’s what my fishing buddies were asking me when I told them I was going to Argentina to fish four days in the storied waters of Patagonia. And I had to admit it was a good question. While the trip to Buenos Aires is easy, relative to many other international flights, I was traveling perhaps triple the time and distance than it takes to get to the western U.S. Add up the plane ticket, lodging and guided fishing and this trip was not cheap. But then, I checked into the Lodge ninety minutes from the San Martin airport. And then I paired up with Gustavo, my guide for the next four days. And then we floated down the Collon Cura river. And then I caught a ridiculously big brown trout, and a boat load of chunky, feisty rainbows.

That’s when I got the answer to their question: Why would I go to Patagonia to fish? Because it’s that much better.

Quemquemtreu Lodge, Patagonia

Quemquemtreu Lodge, Patagonia


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